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2 Maccabees is a Jewish paintings composed through the 2d century BCE and preserved by way of the Church. Written in Hellenistic Greek and advised from a Jewish-Hellenistic point of view, 2 Maccabees narrates and translates the ups and downs of occasions that came about in Jerusalem sooner than and through the Maccabean rebellion: institutionalized Hellenization and the root of Jerusalem as a polis; the persecution of Jews by means of Antiochus Epiphanes, observed by way of well-known martyrdoms; and the uprising opposed to Seleucid rule through Judas Maccabaeus. 2 Maccabees is a crucial resource either for the occasions it describes and for the values and pursuits of the Judaism of the Hellenistic diaspora that it displays - that are frequently relatively assorted from these represented by way of its competitor, I Maccabees.

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Moreover, our confidence that it is the epitomator who authored the reflections in Chapter 4, 5, and 6 is bolstered by three more points: – If above we emphasized that the complex of sin/divine turning away/ “briefly”/“reconciliation” is shared by those reflections and by Chapter 7, now we must emphasize that, apart from 8:29 and 10:4 (παιδε εσ αι), the latter of which is part of the Jerusalemite insertion to justify Hanukkah (see above, pp. 8–9), this language, which is so important to the author as shown by his reflections, appears nowhere else in the narrative.

7 were infants). – Finally, there are several strange phrases in the martyrologies of Chapters 6–7. 49 Thus, it seems that these narratives were not written by whoever wrote the chapters discussed until now. 50 It seems that the latter is more probable. 51 48 49 50 51 See Habicht, 2 Macc, 171, along with his notes 1a, 2b, 6a, 9ab, 17a and 23a on Ch. 7 and our NOTE on 6:30, fear. Habicht thought that the chapter was translated from Hebrew and added to the book after it was composed, but see below, n.

11. For the preparation of a short and rough version as a preparatory step prior to the composition of the final version, see Lucian, How to Write History, 47; Avenarius, Lukians Schrift, 85–104. Zeitlin, 2 Macc, 22–23. II. 73 Rather, the story in Chapter 13 definitely gives the impression that the author is embarrassed by the whole matter and is trying to finish it up and move on as fast as possible. It seems that this was the price he paid in return for the valuable material he picked up somewhere and turned into Chapters 10–11.

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