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Fracture in bonded systems can be viewed at several scales. In many cases, the adhesive layer itself may be ignored. Thus, if the adherends are the same, the crack will appear to be cohesive, or one in a homogeneous material. If the adherend materials differ and a crack is growing in the adhesive layer, but it is being ignored, then the crack appears to be an adhesive one, growing along the interface between the two different adherends. When the adhesive layer is accounted for, then cohesive and adhesive cracking are again possible, albeit from a slightly different perspective.

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A. Dillard 30 -6 2hEIp 8 lo Px Fig. 15. A semi-infinite beam on an elastic foundation is subjected to an applied moment and force at the end. The foundation is illustrated by a discrete set of springs, although the analysis and applications to adhesive layers are for continuous support. at a free end, as shown in the inset of Fig. 15. The reciprocal of /3 has units of length, and is a measure of a characteristic distance over which the stresses are distributed. As p becomes smaller, the stresses are distributed over wider areas, effectively reducing the peak stresses.

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