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By Rishi Nityabodhananda

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Vintage textual content through the Bihar university.

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You and I are not separate. Know yourself as me. " Prachinabarhis requested N arada to explain the allegory, and Narada, assenting, thus spoke on: "O King, Puranjana in the story stands for the purusha, the divine self. He is called Puranjana because the divine self is the manifestor of pura, or the body. The unknown friend that I have mentioned is Brahman , or God. None knows Him, for no deeds or attributes can express or reveal Him. "The puras, or bodies, are of various kinds. Of these the human body is a suitable instrument for the enjoyment of all 34 desires.

When in the course of time the king passed away and she was left alone, lamenting his death and her bereavement, an unknown brahmin came to her and said: "O my beloved friend, why are you grieving? Do you not know me, your dear friend? Try to remember who and what you are. I have been your friend always, but you neglected me and forgetting me entirely went away in search of pleasure and enjoyment. You and I are friends, united in eternal bonds. Though you forgot me, I have been with you all the time.

One way this can be done is through repeated performance of the appropriate capacity until it is perfected and is said to be a talent. Through lifetimes of practice of skills such as music, dancing, writing, communicating, healing and manag­ ing, we develop these skills. Actually we are developing the mental capacity so that we become talented and kundalini 50 shakti flows to that region of the mind, and the appropriate chakra. Another way is by directly concentrating on sushumna nadi and drawing prana up from the base chakra.

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