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40 years in the past, managerialism ruled company governance. In either thought and perform, a group of senior managers ran the company with very little interference from different stakeholders. Shareholders have been primarily powerless and customarily quiescent. forums of administrators have been little greater than rubber stamps.

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G. car service)? » How do customers perceive price? Does, for example, a higher price imply in their minds higher quality or do they view price as a commodity factor, with no differentiation between firms? g. £100 or £10,000)? » How far can we price differentially because of the perceived and accepted reputation we have? Price is a critical area of the marketing mix and one that tends to receive too little analytical attention. Far too often, the decision is simply to keep in line with the competition or to work essentially on a cost plus basis.

Careful analysis of what has been achieved is important, not least as part of the planning and consideration of what to do next, which should be occurring in a continuing cycle. No promotional activity plan can be carried out in isolation, particularly without linked sales follow-up and service along the way. This must be planned too, so, as an addendum to Form 6 (Fig. 6) – the promotion plan – Form 7 (Fig. 7) focuses on sales. Here we should think about and list who will do what. » » » » How much prospecting will be done, when, how, by whom?

Organization of the firm » What are our current sales and promotional methods? g. in terms of administration or resources? » Is the company involved in any other activity which might affect what we want to do or detract from it? Having answered these questions, there may still be a number of alternative tactics, all of which could be suitable for achieving the objective. Which tactic to use will depend on which is the most cost-effective. Once the decision on tactics has been made, the details should be formalized into a written operation plan.

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