Download e-book for iPad: PACS: A Guide to the Digital Revolution by Amit Mehta (auth.), Keith J. Dreyer DO, PhD, Amit Mehta MD,

By Amit Mehta (auth.), Keith J. Dreyer DO, PhD, Amit Mehta MD, James H. Thrall MD (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1475736517

ISBN-13: 9781475736519

ISBN-10: 1475736533

ISBN-13: 9781475736533

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The extraordinary improvement of scientific wisdom during the last centuries has introduced intrusive advances within the services of scientific know-how. those advances were amazing during the last century, yet in particular during the last few many years, culminating in such excessive expertise interventions as middle transplants and renal dialysis.

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Our goal is not to make you an expert network engineer, but rather to give you enough information so you can navigate the often confusing, cluttered world of computer networking. With the right kind of information you'll feel comfortable enough with the terminology to understand what your vendor(s) are providing, on both the PACS and network sides. We also want to impress upon you the importance of good network design and implementation; these are integral parts of the PACS system. Failure to create a strong, robust network infrastructure will result in unhappy users, finger-pointing, and loss of confidence in PACS.

It is difficult to know or measure how PACS contributes to shortening length of stay because there are so many complex factors that contribute to length of stay. It is difficult to segregate PACS as a single component. SITE OPPORTUNITIES: REMOTE, CONSOLIDATION Just as the electronic revolution makes it possible for millions of people to spend more time working from home, electronic imaging makes the locus of work far less important for radiology services. PACS enables diagnostic images to be FINANCIAL MODELING available anytime, anywhere they are needed, with little or no human intervention.

The CPU interprets a set of instructions (known as machine codes) and performs whatever tasks it is told to do. A list of these tasks, or instructions, is known as a computer program. Programs tell the CPU exactly what to do, and when to do it (but more on programs later). ). In 1979, computer processors were considered screamers if they ran at 1 MHz. Thus, modern CPUs are running a thousand times faster than they did just 20 years ago-and they keep getting faster. A wide variety of CPUs are available today from a number of vendors.

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PACS: A Guide to the Digital Revolution by Amit Mehta (auth.), Keith J. Dreyer DO, PhD, Amit Mehta MD, James H. Thrall MD (eds.)

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